Expanding the BUKH SOLAS range with Volvo Penta Power


Volvo Penta and Danish manufacturer BUKH have entered into a partnership by which Volvo Penta will supply BUKH with diesel engines of up to 16 liter capacity for new propulsion solutions for lifeboats.

The agreement between the two companies enables BUKH to extend its SOLAS engine range, and allows Volvo Penta to extend the use of its products in new applications. Lifeboat manufacturers will benefit by the increase in available power options and leveraging of comprehensive technology offered by the two companies. Both Volvo Penta and BUKH have more than 100 years of experience in the marine industry and will utilize their expertise to offer state-of-the-art engines – a vital aspect for lifesaving operations at sea.

“The performance and capabilities of engines are critical in lifeboats,” says Martin Jufors, marine sales manager at Volvo Penta.

“Operators need to know that their boat will be able to respond quickly to emergencies and perform in any climatic condition and geographic circumstance. We are pleased to be working with BUKH so that our commercial diesel engines can provide greater options for lifesaving activities at sea.”

Engine supply

Volvo Penta will supply D3, D4, D6, D8, D13 and D16 (diesel) engines to BUKH, in the power range of 110 to 800 hp, which the Danish company will tailor to adhere to SOLAS regulations and the LSA Code. The extensive range of capabilities means that BUKH will have a wider scope of engines to offer customers to be suitable for small, medium and large lifeboats. SOLAS (the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974) stipulates minimum safety standards for the construction, equipment and operation of ships, and allows participating governments to inspect boats from other national states which sail in its waters.

The LSA Code (Life-Saving Appliances) is governed by the International Maritime Organization and states regulations for the safety of lifesaving craft as well as equipment such as lifejackets and emergency flares.

BUKH is also able to use Volvo Penta’s innovative technologies including the ground-breaking electronic vessel control platform (EVC; a simple plug-and-play system which integrates all functions from driver interface to engine and drive systems), reverse gear options, and accessories such as Powertrim Assistant (to reach planing speeds quickly) and Low-speed Mode (for reduced idling which adds additional safety in tight spaces).

“We have developed a number of technologies over the years which have continually advanced the performance of engines, and consequently of the boats they power,” says Björn Säljö, Vice President of Marine Commercial Product Management at Volvo Penta.

“In capitalizing on our technical expertise and wide range of engines, BUKH will have a greater scope of power options to offer its customers. And for us at Volvo Penta, it’s an exciting development to expand the range of engines we produce for SOLAS vessels by venturing into lifeboat applications.”

Market leader

Danish-based BUKH has been producing diesel engines for marine applications including lifeboats, fast rescue and work-boats for more than a century. It is a market leader in this field and its engines comply with SOLAS regulations; the company has also achieved ISO certification.

For lifeboat manufacturers, the company supplies engines ranging from 24 to 500hp; some models are produced directly by BUKH while others are sourced from different suppliers and modified according to requirements.

And in working with Volvo Penta, it will be able to deliver additional power generation models for the SOLAS market. Reliability and continuing uptime are extremely important for lifeboat applications, and BUKH’s new engine options will benefit from Volvo Penta’s high performance, fuel-efficient and durable products.


“For many years our goal has been to ensure the best safety standards for life at sea,” says Søren Christiansen, CEO and owner of BUKH. “It is our goal to keep our leading position by continuously developing our range of engines, power systems and services to our customers, and identifying new business opportunities so that we can expand the total market for mutual benefit.

“We see a growing demand for bigger engines in the SOLAS market and more boat-builders are building multi-purpose work-boats where the use of SOLAS engines and SOLAS power systems increases the flexibility and usability of the boats. For instance, we see that in the offshore industry, additional safety aspects of multi-purpose boats means that they can be used for rescue purposes as well as the general transportation of people and materials.

“As such, we only collaborate with other companies which share our vision for manufacturing the highest quality products. Volvo Penta is clearly in that category and their range of products and investment in new solutions gives BUKH a unique possibility to offer complete power and propulsion systems, not only now but in the future as well. This is very important for us – our strategy is long term success instead of short term profit”.

He adds: “Like us, they have more than a century of experience in designing marine engines and continue to research and develop new technologies. We are happy to pursue this strategy of co-operation with them so that customers can be assured that operators and passengers will have access to safe and efficient lifeboats, worldwide.”

BUKH Diesel Engines
BUKH Diesel Engines

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